HTML, CSS, and
JS framework

fusionCSS Features

Designed to be simple and minimalist so that you don't have to spend time overriding a lot of default styling. fusionCSS scales your websites and applications with a single code base, to be compatible with a range of devices from phones to tablets to desktops.


Built with LESS to make it easy to extend, customize and maintain. It compiles to standard CSS so that you can enjoy the advantages without the overhead.

Responsive Fluid Grid

Built on a familiar 12 column fluid grid so that you don't have to spend time learning something completely new. Full support for the nesting of grids.

Free & Open-Source

fusionCSS is an open-source project and 100% free for both private and commercial use.

Kickstart your HTML/CSS project!

Rapidly build responsive websites and web applications.

Why fusionCSS?

fusionCSS uses a flexible grid system which scale to fit any screen size, from handled devices to large format televisions. The CSS framework has been created with minimal styling to avoid bloat & keep it simple so that you can have your first layout up in minutes.

clearFusion Digital
clearFusion Digital

clearFusion Digital specialise in delivering exceptional UX, Design, Development and Digital Content Management. We deliver stylish web designs quickly and completely responsive for mobile devices.

clearFusionCMS Content Management

Our clearFusionCMS is both developer and end-user friendly. clearFusionCMS is a robust CMS that allows experts and non-experts to quickly and easily manage high quality websites.

fusionLib PHP Framework

fusionLib is a PHP framework that helps you to build web applications that get noticed. Designed for PHP 5 and MySQL 5 or later. On demand loading for a small footprint.

clearFusionCMS has been built using the fusionCSS & fusionLib frameworks.